Over the extensive 20 years of doing engraved firearms, folks have always asked us why they should buy a firearm they don’t intend on shooting.  The answer to that question comes in two parts; firearms are heirlooms and your story lives on.

The Second Amendment clearly states that every citizen has the right keep and bear arms.  This is a freedom that we as Americans value and hold dear.  Firearms have therefore become heirlooms in our families.  They have been handed down throughout generations to carry on this freedom.

The engravings that are placed on the firearm, permanently carve the history and values into the wood and steel.  For the eternity of that firearm, that story will continue.  There is nothing more unique than being able to carry on the values long after we are gone.

OK, so why buy from Wellington LTD?

Wellington LTD has a mission to produce heirloom quality firearms to the best of our ability.  We do this by following these core beliefs:

  • Historical Accuracy – we research all of our artwork to portray the correct representation
  • Give Back and Donate – it is part of our company’s mission to give back to organizations associated with the project(s) for every sale
  • Produce Less than the Demand – our firearms are limited to small editions in order to keep them rare
  • Live Representatives – All sales and customer service is done over the phone so that we can answer any and all questions you may have
  • Firearm Craftsmanship – our engravers have been in the industry for over 30 years and ensure the highest quality in plating and engraving
  • Payment Options – we believe everyone has the right to own a limited edition firearm and offer zero interest payment plans
  • Cooperation and Reward – we reward those who reward us with referrals and work with organizations to further their cause
  • Tells a Story – the artwork is laid out in order to portray a story that can be interpreted for years to come

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