US Marshal Collectible Rifle

May 2018

The written flier does not do it justice. The engraving is phenomenal. It’s worth every penny after seeing it in person. I own a lot of weapons, however this is my prize possession! It is a great commemorative for a very rewarding career with the U. S. Marshals Service! Simply a work of art! Please feel free to use my remarks to advertise this rifle.

– Dean Michael

Laramie WY 150th Anniversary Rifle

December 2018

A proud owner of a Wellington LTD firearm! Once in possession of the Laramie, Wyoming 150th Anniversary Henry, I had the same feeling as I did as a kid getting a Daisy Red Rider BB gun for Christmas! I could not keep my eyes off the rifle and am only too happy to show anyone and everyone that is willing to talk about it! The quality of the rifle and the history and stories about the artwork will keep me excited about my purchase for years to come.

Thanks again for a quality collector, Henry! Sincerely, Mike Gray