Wyoming Territory 150th Anniversary Rifle

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In 1868, the Wyoming Territory was formed.  Since that time, Wyoming has made history and created its own heritage.  With the help of its industries such as agriculture and the railroad, the area has prospered in commerce.  This area is home of the cowboys and lives by that code.  Self reliance and independence are core values that are seen throughout the state.  The area also bolsters the best wildlife and scenic areas of anywhere in the United States.

This love of Wyoming is portrayed on our limited edition rifle.  Utilizing 24 Karat Gold, nickel and black copper, the detail on the receiver is impeccable.  This edition will be limited to only 86 numbered rifles.  This small amount accounts for less than .1% of the population.  Call us today to see how you can get yours!


  • Henry Big Boy .45 LC Lever Action Rifle
  • 20″ Octagon Barrel
  • Numbered on the top of butt plate
  • Fully Functional Firearm


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