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US Marshal Gold – Henry Rifle

The nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agency, for 225 years the United States Marshals have fought to bring the rule of law to an ever-growing country. The first appointed Marshals, people like Isaac Huger – South Carolina, Edward Carrington – Virginia, Allan McLane – Delaware, Nathanial Ramsay – Maryland, Jonathan Jackson – Massachusetts, Clement Biddle – Pennsylvania, William Smith – New York, Robert Forsyth – Georgia, Thomas Lowry – New Jersey, John Parker – New Hampshire, John Skinner – North Carolina, Phillip Bradley – Connecticut, and William Peck – Rhode Island were trailblazers writing the first paragraphs of a story that continues to this day.

In honor of this heroic legacy, and in cooperation with the U.S. Marshals Association, Wellington LTD is proud to honor this proud history by introducing the United States Marshals 225th Anniversary Gold Special Edition!

Built on a Henry .45LC cal. carbine, the gold receiver, and wood on this edition are richly engraved in gold with scenes taken directly from the U.S. Marshal’s historic past. Images pay tribute to, among others, Virgil Earp, Deputy U.S. Marshal, Tombstone, Arizona, 1879 – 1881, Deputy U.S. Marshals Tilghman, Madsen, & Thomas, the famed ‘Three Guardsmen Of Oklahoma’, the U.S. Marshals role during the Civil Rights Era, going so far as to protect young Ruby Bridges as she went to school during these challenging times. Other images speak to the service’s growing roles in modern times and the response during the September 11th attacks. These images show clearly how Marshals have lived to their motto, “Justice, Integrity, Service” or as some like to say it “Put On Badge – Do The Job”.

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