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Commonwealth of Virginia 225th Anniversary Special Edition

Collector’s Grade Henry Brass .45LC rifle with blued barrel

The Commonwealth of Virginia 225th Anniversary Special Edition is a Collector’s Grade Henry Big Boy .45LC rifle with blued barrel. The brass receiver is richly engraved and highlighted in jewelry-grade nickel while the stock and forearm grip, both made of rich American Walnut are laser engraved! Images on both sides of the receiver, forearm guards, and stock pay tribute to, among others, Virginia’s role as “Mother of Presidents”, Mount Vernon and Monticello, The Virginia State Capitol, Jamestown, Virginia, the nation’s oldest English speaking settlement, Virginia’s role in the Civil War, and VMI and UVA, all taken from Virginia’s cherished past!




Product Description

This family heirloom is a tribute to the history and people of Virginia. The Commonwealth of Virginia 225th Anniversary Special Edition Henry .45LC is for those collectors who cherish both our history and beautiful art.

Only 10 per county will ever be produced. Each is individually numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Reservations are accepted in the order in which they are received. For more information, please e-mail us or call (970) 215-0677. Ask about our hard-sided canvas presentation cases!

**Henry Repeating Arms was chosen because it’s Made in America**