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Handmade Cherry Long Gun Cases for Your Limited Edition Firearm

Custom made in Encampment, Wyoming, our cherry long gun case is the best way to display your firearm.  Each case will come with a mirror in the back that allows the view to see the opposite side of the firearm without having to remove it from the case.  Want to remove the firearm from the case?  You can easily do so with the hinged front that can be lock.  The lid will easily stay open due to the lift struts added to the case.  You have many options when it comes to owning this case.  You can have the long gun facing either left or right depending on your preference.  Custom trim work adorns the top of the case to make it stand out in any room.  Have a tight space for the case?  No problem, cases can be built without custom trim work for those small areas. Dimensions will vary due the firearm of choice.  Cases are only being offered for firearm models that Wellington LTD currently uses.  Contact us today to request yours.


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